Grand Junction Brewing Co.

Built out of a strong English heritage, Grand Junction Brewing Co. is focused on brewing traditional, true-to-style beers, with a heavy European influence. As a company, Grand Junction Brewing Co. represents the antithesis of the big corporate brewery, a true mom and pop success story. Grand Junction Brewing Co. was Westfield’s first brewery, opening up […]

Grindstone on the Monon

Grindstone on the Monon blends contemporary and rustic elements by highlighting the rich flavors and traditions of American cuisine. Their menu highlights include seafood, locally sourced meats and vegetables, fresh pasta, and smoked meats. They connect you too Westfield. Either by the farms they showcase or the beers and wines they proudly source. Westfield has […]

Field Brewing

Field Brewing, located in downtown Westfield, serves award winning beers on a bright and unique campus. Farm fresh, high quality ingredients can be found across all menus, including beer, food, and even craft cocktails. It’s a family-friendly brewery with outdoor dining, games, and a special event space. If you’re looking for something fresh and fun, […]