Savor Westfield is a fantastic and unique fundraiser for Oak Trace Elementary School. Proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the Parent Teacher Organization of our school who will be working on some exciting projects this year.

The first funds will directly benefit our youngest learners by purchasing Chromebooks for our Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes. At the current moment we have a division in technology because our K-2 students utilize I-pads while our 3-4 grade students use Chromebooks. This division causes difficulty when our students transition into the higher grade levels.

As students progress out of elementary school into the intermediate, middle and high schools they will be using Chromebooks consistently for their day to day learning. We would love to eventually transition away from I-pads altogether so that all students within the district are using the same technological devices. Our goal is to provide one full set of Chromebooks per grade (K-2) level through the funds raised at Savor Westfield.

We will be using any additional funds to continue to build up our Savor Westfield Philanthropy Fund. In years prior, we have encountered many opportunities to provide assistance to our community and other schools, but did not possess the funds to do so. Through the use of this fund we have been able to provide opportunities to spread kindness throughout a community that has already given so much to us. It is our hope to continue to spread hope and goodwill to others throughout Westfield through the use of these funds.

When you purchase a ticket for Savor Westfield, you will not only be spending an evening tasting the most DELICIOUS food and drink from the most AMAZING restaurants and breweries from right here in Westfield, you will also be helping a local school and the Westfield Community!